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Peerbots is Open-Source

Peerbots Founders John Choi and Aubrey Shick collaborated through their work with Fine Art Miracles, Inc. (FAM) to build an open-source socially assistive agent controller app that operates existing robot platforms such as Misty, Android tablet-based bots (as seen below), OculusGo / VR agents, and Arduino robot kits. It can be used for implementing human-facilitated interaction and education programs as described here, or for prototyping AI skills.


A Two-Part System:

  1. Controller App – operated by a facilitator, therapist, teacher, or caregiver

  2. Robot App (tablets or phones) or Robot (such as Misty)

​The Controller App has multiple build versions: iOS, MacOS (laptops), Android (tablets and phones), Windows / PC and Linux. *Any of these can control a Misty Robot or Robot App.

The Robot App was designed for use on mobile tablets, meant to fit into plush bodies. The Robot App functionally works for testing purposes on desktops and laptops, but it only recommended for testing, as they provide a limited user experience. Misty or other robots can be used instead of the Robot App, also known as the “Peerbot Face” app.

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