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We aim to build Peerbots products and deliver any services based on important and timely academic research. As such, we partner with academic institutions who conduct research that can help inform Peerbots' approach to products and services. We believe there are several key areas of research that are relevant to Peerbots and are always actively pursuing partnerships where we can provide value to researchers and learn from their work. If you are interested, feel free to reach out to partner with us on research efforts.

Below, we list published research articles that mention Peerbots or are relevant based on our research collaborations. Note that members of our leadership team and advisory board are researchers and their relevant research is included here.

User Experience of Robot Control

Co-Design in Human-Robot Interaction

Other Research Areas

We are also interested in research related to the following:

  • Robot Bodies / Morphology

  • Robot Dialogue Content Authoring

  • Robot Content Efficacy

  • Content Moderation or Moderation Tools (relating to the Peerbots content marketplace)

  • Wizard of Oz / Teleoperation in Research Studies

We are not currently aware of publications related to these topics that mention Peerbots. However, we are interested in this topic as it relates to Peerbots. Please reach out if you are aware of relevant research that mentions Peerbots or if you would like to partner with us on that research.

Peerbots display at conference
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