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How it Works


Peerbots is a digital puppet - an educator, family member, therapist, or other community member uses a mobile device to control a digital voice and face on another person's mobile device. Whether in person or online, the second person sees and interacts with an animated face on their device, thus removing some social challenges associated with interacting directly with another person, and making engaging interaction possible across distance.

You can create your own content in the Peerbots app or in the web-based software, and/or download content from other users in the Peerbots Marketplace.

Watch for a comprehensive walkthrough video in Summer 2022.

A Distance Learning & Telehealth Tool

Peerbots can be used to provide educational services in both in-person and virtual settings. Simply log into the digital platform of your choice and operate the Peerbots app in the same way you would in person. It is important that the second person's microphone is turned on so you can ensure the connection is working.

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